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Mobile Computing notes

27 Sep 2015 » M.Tech, Mobile Computing

This is only a gentle introduction. I will try to cover as much as I can in further posts. Will make posts topic wise so as to cover everything related to a topic in a single post.

Process Migration- 

  • Act of transferring processes between two computers, through a wired or wireless medium.
  • A process has its process table, code segments, some data and pointers etc. This all needs to be transferred by some logic.
  • Used to balance load on systems. One overloaded machine can transfer process to an under-loaded one.
  • Originated with distributed systems. Still used in multicore(multiple processors) systems as part of process scheduling of OS.

Mobile Computing-

  • Defined as ability to use technology(this part is called as computing) to access to some centrally located resources/information by remote and mobile devices such as  smartphones.
  • Mobility is divided into 3 categories:
    1. Macro Mobility: When moving into and out of a global network. Maintaining connectivity is main challenge here. Mobile IP take cares for this one.
    2. Micro Mobility: When moving inside one region(cell) only. Cellular IP take cares for this
    3. Ad hoc Mobility: Refers to mobility within an Mobile Ad hoc Networks(MANET). Happens due to continuous changes in the network infrastructure. Thus, the infrastructure-less networks (MANET) take cares for this one.
  • Major benefit is increased computation power regardless of location/infrastructure. Wether be it a office or restaurant, you’ll always be connected to remote services, thus increasing productivity.

Mobile Agents

  • Programs that moves across the networks, here and there, on behalf of user.
  • Gathers information as well as execute automated tasks given by users.
  • Specifically, “A mobile agent is a composition of computer program, data, and execution state, which is able to move from one computer to another autonomously and continue its execution on the destination computer
  • Widely used by e-commerce industries, stock holders etc. It is a specific form of mobile code
  • Examples are- agent Tcl, aglet etc.
  • Working (TL;DR) : The program can suspend its execution at an arbitrary point, transport itself to another machine, and then resume execution from the point of suspension.



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