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How to download multiple videos from youtube-dl

25 Jan 2016 » python

Like me, you must’ve also faced a similar situation when you needed to download multiple videos from a site. In case you’re also a frequent webnair/seminar viewer or a youtube fan, you must’ve came across a beautiful ultility called Youtube-dl ( to download videos from your favourite sites such as youtube, vimeo etc.

Here is how to download multiple videos from your favourite sites (I am using videmo as an example).

  • Open up a command prompt (windows) or terminal(Linux), and go to location where you want to download the videos.

  •  Create a blank text file in that location. Paste your list of URLs in that file. Remember to press Enter after each link. Lets say, you named the file “download.txt”

  • Copy and paste the following command in your terminal/command prompt
  • youtube-dl -ci --batch-file=download.txt

This will start downloading every url mentioned in the file.

For me, the download speed was slow as compared to some download accelerator programs. I wanted just the download links, so I can download it via some custom made downloaders. Here is how you can output the links to another file.

youtube-dl -cgi --batch-file=download.txt > output.txt

If you also want the titles along with each link to be printed, just add -e switch to above command. This will become

youtube-dl -cgei --batch-file=download.txt > output.txt