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Get video links from Coursera

27 Jan 2016 » Javascript

I have gone threw coursera classes now and then. What I felt is need for a coursera video downloader. I searched but couldn’t found any good working one.

Hence here is a small script I developed which would give you all video links from coursera. Here is what you’ll have to do:

  • Goto your class. For ex- Mine was
  • Enroll and go to video lectures from left tab. Here is the screenshot
  • in chrome, press f12 to bring up chrome inspector. You can also right click anywhere on webpage and click inspect element. Go to console tab.
  • Paste the following script into the console:
  •     (function($){
          $("ul.course-item-list-section-list > li").each(function(){
            var link = $(this).find("a[data-link-type=\"lecture:download.mp4\"]").attr('href');
  • Press enter and hopefully, it will parse every video link in the page.

Hope you’ve liked the article and it helped you. Please do comment if I owe any explanations. Share, it might be helpful to others.